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Welcome to Mrs. Harris' Zoo

Updated for October 17, 2017

HELP:  We need some parents to plan and be here for our Fall Party on the 27th.  Please let me know if you can help us asap.



Don’t forget that Parent-Teacher Conferences are Tues., Oct. 17, 2017. Teachers are required to stay from 3-6 pm on conference days only—IF you cannot come, please email me or write me a note in the agenda.

Be aware that we have been working on making good sentences--that will be stressed even more this nine weeks.  They are going to have to write two sentences for their assignments in class.  Some are still struggling with writing one.








Please do NOT send Doritos or any other chip, except for Pringles, for snack.












Please check the webpage frequently for homework assignments, spelling , or any news! If you would like to email me click the email address at the top of the page. 

Always scroll to the bottom  to make sure you see everything!
Reminders Water Bottles- Please send water to school every day for your child. It is extremely hot, and we are so far from the drinking fountain that we can’t lose class time going to get a drink. Please make sure it is water only, and that it has a pull top cap or twist-off cap so it doesn’t spill.
On Thursday, IF your child has missed words on their spelling tests- THEN their homework is for those words to be written 5 times.  
*I'm beginning to see where your child has written all of their words 3 times on the pre-test. 
Today the students received a gentle reminder of what is expected. On MONDAY the assignment is to write all of the words 3 times. 
Also you may want to note that I use this webpage for A LOT of communication! PLEASE check it frequently all through the school year.  
Every  Day:
Check your child's agenda and Zookeepers Manual. Spend 15 minutes a day when they first get home doing homework and reviewing items in folders. 
 SNACK We have snack every day. Each child is asked to bring his or her own snack. Please send a healthy snack that DOES NOT contain sugar, such as cake, cookies, etc. Fruit, a bag of cereal, crackers, chips, etc. are a much better alternative.
Homework Club
Stay in the homework club each month!
If you have agenda and everything signed correctly and all your work completed EVERY DAY, you will get to eat lunch in the room with meat the end of the day month.... and I usually fix brownies for a treat!!!!! YUM!
Weekly Routine Homework (will be adjusted with a 4 day week)
Monday: New Spelling to write 3 more times and words of the week will come home to be signed and read
Tuesday: Math
Wednesday: Math
Thursday: Spelling words will come back home for homework. If they missed words, they need to write each words 5 times
Story reading series(it is very important that you read with your child and discuss the story wit them. Ask them the characters, setting, problem and solution, what happened in the story)
Friday: Fluency to be read, signed, questions to be answered.
Friday, October 13   Fluency:  Bats 

Monday, October 16  Spelling words 3 times each
Tuesday, October 17  Math




Word List


  Our spelling pattern will be "l" blend words.


flap, club, sled, blot                         



Story from Book:   At A Pond










Other Words using this pattern:
short u pattern
  Examples are words like: 
Sight Words
eat, no, of, under, who


Vocabulary Words for Story
 Sneak Peek: 

Classroom News
































Homework Helper: Parent Corner
Spelling Tests
Research shows that children become better spellers by focusing on spelling patterns, rather than individual words. Our Weekly spelling word lists are built around spelling patterns. During each week, both class ans as homework, our focus is for the children to become experts in these patterns. 
For Example: this coming week the children will focus on the long a silent e pattern. After practicing these sounds for a week, the children should be able to encode (spell) or decode (read) basic long a silent e words. 
The spelling test on Friday will be over the 5 spelling words that will come home on Mondays. The mystery words will follow the spelling pattern  and will truly prove if the spelling pattern has been mastered. Their spelling test consist of the 5 words they are given on Mondays and 5 words using the same pattern. The goal is to master the skill not memorize individual words. This is an important part of spelling an reading success. 
Each week we will also take a spelling Pre-test. This means that I will give the next's weeks regular spelling words to all students and we will begin practicing them in class. We will do the pre-tests each week on Tuesdays. 
This pretest lets me know if your child is already familiar with the spelling pattern. I can then gear instruction for the week specificallyto meet your child's spelling needs.
If your child spells all of the word correctly on Tuesday, they will not take the test again on Friday. If they miss any words or wrote any letters backwards or with capitals- you will see theri pre-test again on Thursday night.... Those MISSED words need to be written 5 times. If your child missed any wrods on the pre-test, they will be tested again on the regular spelling pattern on Fridays. The Pretests do NOT count for a grade. It simply tells me if your child already knows how to spell the words so that I can better meet each child's needs. 
please let me know if you have any questions about our testing process. I'm excited to see how much your child will grow this year!
Mrs. Harris
Important Dates to Remember: 

Oct. 17- Parent-Teacher Conferences    

Oct. 18- Picture Retakes    

Oct. 20- Awards Ceremonies              

  Oct. 25- School Bank                       

Oct. 26- Early Dismissal @ 10:45         

Oct. 27- Fall Festival








RECENT CLASS Celebrations!
Hooray for Spelling!
The Following students made a 100 on their spelling test and will not have to re-take on Friday!
These are the students who earned Zookeeper of the Day with their excellent behavior last week:
Monday: Words of the Week and Spelling words for homework 3 more times.
Tuesday: Spelling Pretest(as a rule I will post on the website if they make a 100
Thursday:  IF your child missed any words, homework is to write the missed words 5 times.
Friday: Final Spelling Test  and they will receive their fluency for the week
Classroom News

October 16, 2017 


Weekly Skills

Reading- Our reading story will be Bat Loves the Night. Our skills will be to ask and answer questions. We will also identify the differences between fiction (stories) and non-fiction (information books).                                                                      Grammar/Language- Review common, proper, and possessive nouns.                                                                                                   Math- Addition and subtraction strategies.                                     Science/Social Studies- Bats.





Don’t forget that Parent-Teacher Conferences are Tues., Oct. 17, 2017. Teachers are required to stay from 3-6 pm on conference days only—IF you cannot come, please email me or write me a note in the agenda.