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Upcoming PD's for Teachers

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for these IMPORTANT dates to remember so you can know ALL the good stuff there is to know and GROW! Topics COMING SOON!!!
September Dates: 
Thursday the 19th- Section Number 11335 to sign up in Performance Matters:  Digital Citizenship:  Common Sense Educators:  Our goal this year is to be a Common Sense School! Come and see what it is all about! 
Thursday the 26th-Section Number 11336  to sign up in Performance Matters: Microsoft Accessibility Tools for Student Accommodations- looking at Immersive reader, Dictate, Magnifier, Office lens and One Drive app: This PD is for ALL SPED, CDC, or any teacher that has students with varying abilities! 
October Dates: 
Wednesday the 9th-Section Number 11588  to sign up in Performance Matters: I Ready Data Reports - Dive Deep into your reports!
Tuesday the 15th-Section Number 11589  to sign up in Performance Matters:  Nearpod - NEW District PURCHASED CONTENT!!! FREE, FREE!!! and oh SO great for meeting all those standards!!! Come check out the NEW Nearpod!
November Dates: 
Tuesday the 5th-Section Number 11590  to sign up in Performance Matters:  TEAMS- (Microsoft's Version of Google Classroom!) Many of you asked for ways students can turn assignments in digitally- THIS will be your NEW BFF!!! Come check out TEAMS!
Wednesday the 20th-Section Number 11592 to sign up in Performance Matters: Interactive Boards, Pens and SMART NOTEBOOK Learning Suite Software!!! This PD is a must for getting rid of your dry erase markers! Come check out how to make your interactive classroom dreams come true!(school specific training) 
Tuesday the 10th -Section Number 11593 to sign up in Performance Matters:Station Rotations with a focus on MATH stations- experience some great ideas for TECH RICH learning stations at this PD- Sign up early to get more bang for your buck- stations for your grade level! 
Tuesday the 17th -Section Number 11594  to sign up in Performance Matters: Moby Max and Prodigy: Come see what you can do with these two great programs- Moby Max Reading and Math, Prodigy- Math- Come check out these supplemental curriculum that can breathe NEW life into your students this time of year!