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Spring 2021 TCAP Family Portal Data Release 
Audience: Directors of Schools, Educators, Parents 
Contact: [email protected]

Each year, TCAP tests are designed to assess what our students know and what we can do to help them succeed in the future. They provide feedback about students' academic progress and how it aligns with grade-level expectations. Now families can find detailed, personalized, information about their child’s progress on the TCAP Family Portal.  
Here are some ways to use the TCAP Family Portal:   

  • Identify student strengths and next steps for areas to improve in the future.   
  • Use information presented in the portal to engage in conversations with educators about your student’s academic progress.  
  • Track progress over time with a “Test History” feature.  
  • Find helpful links to department TCAP resources.  

Families can register here with their student’s USID number. Data from the spring 2021 testing went live in the portal on Friday, July 30 for TCAP and will be available on Friday, August 20 for TCAP-Alternate. Use the seven-digit number found on your student's ISR and add two zeroes in front of that number. The resulting nine-digit number will enable you to create an account for your student. For example, a state ID 1234567 would become 001234567.  
A toolkit to support districts in communicating about this resource is available here, including the Family Portal FAQ available here.
Districts may access the TCAP Family Portal Help Guide and the TCAP Educator Portal Help Guide on LiveBinders. As a reminder, printed score reports will arrive at your district shipping address on August 11.