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Technology Tools for Formative Assessment

Descriptor of Session:

Technology today provides educators with a vast array of online tools to gauge student understanding and target student learning needs. During this session, we will examine and experiment with the most effective tools currently available for formative assessment to aid with classroom learning goals.

Team Rubric Indicator

Activities and Materials


Model digital age work and learning

TN Standards


PLC Guiding Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not    learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Digital Citizenship

Passwords, privacy, property


* Participants will be able to create their own classroom formative assessments using various applications

*Participants will be able to access data to view results from formative assessments created

*Participants will be able to evaluate platforms to find which works best with their material


Success Criteria:

*Participants can create a formative assessment using tool

*Participant can administer formative assessment to class

*Participants can analyze data using formative assessment tools in real time

Suggested Bell Work:

Go to the Padlet and answer:

What types of formative assessment are you currently using in your classroom?

click the pic to add a to the Padlet.

Image result for formative assessment

Task 1: Student View

1. Plickers

1. Take a Plickers quiz. https://plickers.com/

2. View data results from quiz


2. Gradecam

     1.Take a Gradecam quiz. https://gradecam.com/

     2.   Demo how to grade using either webcam on computer or app on mobile device.

  1. View data results from quiz

3. Mastery Connect

     1.    Participants will take a Mastery Connect quiz. https://www.masteryconnect.com/

     2.    Demo how to grade using either a webcam on computer or app on mobile device.Image result for masteryconnect image Code: 985419


  1. View data results from quiz

4. NoRedInk   

      1.    Participants complete a NoRedInk assignment https://www.noredink.com/

  1. View data results from quiz


5. Formative

      1.    Participants complete a Go Formative assignment https://goformative.com/

  1. View data results from quiz




6. Forms


  1. Click here to take Forms quiz.
  2. View data results from quizImage result for forms images

Task 2: Teacher View

1. Create Teacher Accounts for each Assessment Tool: 




Image result for plickers 
Image result for gradecam
Image result for masteryconnect images
Image result for NoRedink
Related image

Closure Activity

Go to the Padlet and answer:


“Pick your favorite formative assessment tool shown today. How can you use it in your classroom?”



Image result for MY PD Surveyclick the pic to access the survey
THANK YOU!!!!!! 
Image result for plickers images
Become a Mastery Connect Master: Image result for masteryconnect image
Click here for the Mastery Connect Course Modules.