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Instructional Technology Coach Holly Harwood » Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom

Connecting your Classroom to the World with Skype Tech Coach PD Script

Suggested Training Time:

1 or 1.5 Hours


Descriptor of Session:

Technology is allowing us to connect with others as never before, and classrooms can now take part in this exciting adventure. In this session, we will demonstrate strategies to help teachers successfully use Skype through their Office 365 account to bring the outside world in to their building. Learn how to play a Mystery Skype game with a classroom across the country, invite a guest speaker in to discuss your topic first hand, or take a virtual field trip to a new land. All of these and more are available with the click of a button. Come find out how.

Team Rubric Indicator

Activities and Materials


Model digital age work and learning

TN Standards


PLC Guiding Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not    learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Digital Citizenship

Passwords, privacy



  • Learn the basics of Mystery Skype to improve student engagement, digital literacy and critical thinking skills all while having fun!
  • Encourage and capture classroom collaboration.
  • Join Skype in the Classroom to find transformation learning experiences.
  • Use the resources in the Skype notebook to organize and record your global connections.
  • Find guest speakers, virtual field trips, and lesson plans without leaving the classroom


Success Criteria:

·         The participants can launch the Skype in the Classroom site and join the site.

·         The participants can locate Skype contacts

·         The participants can share how they will use Skype with students


Share Mystery Skype Student Success Criteria (located in Mystery Skype Class Notebook under Content Library- Resources for Individual Students- Success Criteria)

Suggested Bell Work for Participants:

·        Go to this site https://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/overview and select Join Now at the top right

·        Select Office 365 to join

Participants will be given a code to redeem at the end of the session to earn the Skype badge

·        Open the Skype One Note Class notebook.  Check your email and select the link was sent this morning.


Get assignments:

  • Assign Skype roles as participants enter the room
    • Hand them printed roles- located under Mystery Skype Notebook- Content Library-Teacher Resources- Job List Samples
      • Researcher
      • Mapper
      • Questions we asked
      • Questions they asked
      • ETC

Task 1: Introduction of the Session

Why Skype?

Review Resources for Mystery Skype in Class Notebook

·         Review the session objectives and goals

·         Top 10 Reasons to use Skype in the Classroom https://sway.com/3hsQfJdzlM6MrDn5

·         Open the Mystery Skype notebook and review the roles and objectives of Mystery Skype (Welcome Section-Why Play Mystery Skype?)

·         Assign Roles for Mystery Skype

Task 2: Skype Call (Mystery Skype, Guest Speaker, etc.)

·         Use the notebook resources for Mystery Skype

·         Mappers- open Bing or Google Maps

  •  Record answers on a whiteboard or chart paper for less confusion.

Task 3: Skype Reflections

·         Use the notebook resources for Skype reflection

·         Reflection: Take time to reflect after the call

o   Debriefing materials are located under Content Library- Teacher Resources and Individual Student Resources

o   Notice Job Application for students under student resources

·         Did Mystery Skype help students with the following:

    • Critical Thinking
    • Collaboration
    • Geography
    • Teamwork
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Deductive reasoning

o   Digital Literacy

Collaboration Space could be used to reflect- may be too much for this session 

Task 4: How to get started

·         Tech Coach!!!!!

·         Skype 2016 installed on computer

·         Web Cam for Video

·         How to find contacts? - Twitter, Skype in the Classroom Site

·         Review the Skype in the Classroom site and how to find a guest speaker

o   Give them time to explore and share with group

·         Tech Coach to help the first time with equipment

o   Skype with tech coach or another teacher in the building


Task 5: How to find Skype contact in directory

Depending on time, the tech coach can demo this or they can have the participants open Skype and locate users in the Skype directory

·         You will only see Skype Directory after you begin typing (notice picture on right)

·         The person you are Skyping will also need to check their settings

·         Show users how to find a contact

·         Best Practice: Add the contact to your email contacts


Mystery Skype Example Emergency PLAN

If you Skype call doesn’t work out for some reason, you can use the video below.  Have the teachers think about the questions and try to answer


4th Grade Mystery Skype


·         What are some of the roles of the students/groups?

o   Mappers

§  What can you rule out?

o   Answers

o   Askers

o   Questions are written

·         What questions are the students asking?

·         What is the teacher doing?  What is the teacher’s role?

·         What is the first thing the student does before they ask the question?

o   Introduction of self

·         What resources are the students using?


1st and 2nd Grade Class Skype Example


Student introduce


Closure Activity

Review the objectives


Contact Tech Coach


Reflection in Class Notebook- optional