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Instructional Technology Coach Holly Harwood » Technology Rich Station Rotations for the K-2 Classroom

Technology Rich Station Rotations for the K-2 Classroom

1. See and explore technology rich statons for the K-2 classroom.
2. Discuss and plan technology rich stations the K-2 classroom.
Today's Stations: 
Station 1 
FlipGrid Fluency recording with iPads
1 person- camera man
1 person- Reads passage 
Then FLIP flop- 
Station 3
Interactive Powerpoint games with ipads
Student completes the game with the help of the manipulatives. 
Station 5
Teacher Table: 
Let's Discuss Station Rotation in your classroom- ideas- what worked- what didn't work- Tips and tricks that will make or break your station rotation routine!
Station 2
Osmo Math and ELA with iPads 
Each student chooses an activity with a partner 
OSMO info: 
Station 4
Symbaloo learning paths https://learningpaths.symbaloo.com
On a mobile device log into Symbaloo learning paths and begin your journey
Station 6
Nearpod Student paced lesson for your grade band- use ipads- laptop- or mobile device
Let's PLAY and Learn! Follow Station Rotation cards to get started at each station!
Closure Activity: 
Padlet allows you to let students give feedback: 
Exit ticket-
Use the padlet below to give a take away from each station: 

Made with Padlet
Important Tips When Planning Tech Rich Stations: 
1. NOT all your stations need technology!
2. Start SMALL and slow- TEACH- 1 station tech tool at a time- don't introduce a new one until the 1st is mastered. 
3. Model the station- create tech leaders in each group. 
4. Have a CUE word or phrase that gets everyone's attention quickly- and practice often! 
5. Give options at each station- quick finishers- multiple items in each station that challenge.