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Office 365 Power Point with the Office MIX Add In

Suggested Bell Work:

·         Complete the Office Mix entitled: Earth Day 

Descriptor of Session:

In this session learn how to use add-ins with PowerPoint that turn your files into interactive presentations. Learn how to add surveys, questions, audio and video into PowerPoint using a free add-in called Office Mix. This session is perfect for those teaching online classes or interested in a blended or flipped classroom approach.

Team Rubric Indicator

Presentation of Instructional Content


Students - Knowledge Constructor & Creative Communication

Teacher – Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues using digital age communication and collaboration tools

TN Standards


PLC Guiding Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not    learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Digital Citizenship

Privacy, Password, Permanence


·         Participants will create a basic Office Mix

·         Participants will review the analytics derived from an Office Mix and learn what information is available in real time

·         Participants will upload an Office Mix presentation to mix.office.com


Success Criteria:

·         Participants can add questions to presentations

·         Participants can add a video or interactive app into a slide

·         Participants can create a slide recording

·         Participants can examine analytics associated with student’s viewing a mix online

·         Participants can upload a mix to the mix.office.com website

Task 1: View an Office Mix and Analytics

·         Participants will complete the Office Mix entitled: Exploring the Mix Taskbar (5 min) for Bell Work

·         The presenter will show the participants the analytics

·         Session presenter needs to bring up the mix they had participants complete during bell work. Use this to examine the analytics you can receive from an Office Mix.


·         Slide summary  

·         Shows number of visitors, views, average time spent, duration of the slide  

·         Are students viewing the slides? 

·         How long? 

·         Are they looking at the slide longer than it took you to create it, or are they just clicking and moving on? 

·         Slides with questions 


·         Addition of percentage correct 

·         If you click on the more link you can see how each student did and the time they spend on the slide 

·         You can download an Excel file of the analytics  

Task 2: Create a new Power Point and Insert a Slide Recording using Mix

·         Open Power Point and create a new presentation

·         Notice the Mix Add-On

·         Review how participants can download Mix Add-On if it is not on the computer in their classroom https://mix.office.com/en-us/Home

·         Sign-In with your Office 365 account for School or Work

·         Title the first slide

·         Participants will create a slide recording on the first slide explaining what the PPT will cover

·         Save the PPT after the first slide is complete

·         On the Mix Tab choose Slide Recording, below is the slide recording menu.

This is the menu that participants will see on the right side of the screen.

·         Participants can choose to turn the camera on or off. If the camera is turned on you can move the video of yourself anywhere on the screen.

·         Step 1: click on the record button, stop button is next to the record button.

·         To advance slides use the arrows, if a slide has animations then the Star arrow will be highlighted.

**Best practice is to do a recording for each slide individually**

·         You can turn slide notes on if you have them typed in.


·         Inking: When slide recording is in process you can use the inking menu to annotate on the slide.


·         Review the recording and SAVE

Task 3: Create a Slide Recording with Inking

·         Create a new slide with content

·         Use the Slide Recording option they just explored to explain the content on the slide.  Use the Inking feature

·         Save and Preview the slide

Task 4: Add a question to an Office Mix Presentation

·         Create a new blank slide

·         Select Quizzes and Video Apps icon

·         Ask a question related to the content explained or to gain prior knowledge

Once you choose a question type you can then enter the question and choose from the available options based on the question type shown.


Below is a multiple choice question type, notice that you can choose to have a single choice or multiple choice, and provide feedback as part of your options.


**You cannot add images or video to the question, however you can add them to the slide and put the question next to them**

Task 5: Insert a Screen Recording

·         Create a new blank slide

·         A screen recording is different from a slide recording in that you are recording everything that is occurring on the desktop.

·         You can record either the entire screen or a region of the screen

·         To stop recording the screen push the mouse to the top of the screen OR hit Windows Logo Key + Shift + Q


·         Open Word and do screen recording of how to use the equation editor in Word.

·         Open Britannica Online and show students how to get started with research and locate primary sources

·         Open iNow and show students how to check their grades

Task 6: Insert an App into the presentation (optional)

·         The Presenter can demonstrate the next option or have the participants add an app or video (depending on time)

·         Create a new slide

·         Select Quizzes and Video Apps icon

*They are both a part of the Microsoft App Store.

·         Show the participants a few of the options available

Here I chose to add the Khan Content App, it allows me to search for a video and then insert it directly into my presentation.





Below is a screen shot of PHET Simulation inserted into a slide.



Task 7: Insert a video from online or the desktop

·         Create a new blank slide

·         Participants will insert video from the Insert Tab in PowerPoint. **Online video cannot be inserted from the Mix Tab**

**Video embed does not work all the time** From a training perspective suggest participants search for video on YouTube.

Task 8: Uploading your Mix to mix.office.com and reviewing settings

·         Save the PPT presentation

·         Notice and review the options for uploading and exporting

*Export to Video & Publish to O365 Video remove all interactive content

o   Export to Video- creates an MP4

o   Publish to O365 Video- send this to the Video Portal in Office 365 (must have a channel setup)

·         On the Mix Tab choose Upload to Office Mix

*Must select Upload to Office Mix to get analytics


·         When you go to your mix in mix.office.com you will see the following settings.


Permission Levels 

o    Private - only you can see 

o    Organization - must have an email account to view 

·         Once student accounts are enabled this should be your default permission 

o    Organization allows you to track all analytic information based on who is logged in 

·         You can choose to allow people to download 

o    Limited - anyone with a link can view but they have to sign in  

o    Unlisted- anyone with a link can view, no sign in needed - You will NOT see analytics if you select this one

o    Public - people can search for and view- You will NOT have analytics if you select this one

·         Limited, unlisted, and public give you an option to allow others to modify your original 

·         You can also choose to allow or not allow discussion  


  • The email link will bring up INSTALLED Outlook and let you email people a link (most teachers use online)
  • To share you must set permission levels to unlisted or public 

·         Embed - same permissions as share 

·         Closed Captioning 

o    The link below will explain how to create closed captions for videos 

o    FYI Microsoft does not create it for you, you have to use a third party service 

o    https://officemix.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/505262-how-to-add-closed-captions  


Closure: Discuss how to share Office Mixes

·         Use an online forum to have participants provide way they could share their Mix with students.

·         Example: Padlet, Today’s Meet

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